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Driven to serve.

The staff at Lakeview is made up of caring individuals who love their jobs and who come to work each day ready to provide service to others. It’s that attitude – a commitment to sharing God’s love – that drives our employees to serve our visitors and guests with care and kindness.

The staff members listed below welcome your direct communication through email. If you are unsure who to contact, please call us at

903-538-2711, and we’ll be happy to direct you.

Image by Olga Thelavart


Josh - 6.jpg

Josh Pulver


Monroe - 4.jpg

Monroe Walker

Chief Administrative Officer

Finance Director

Shannon Hitt

Drew - 1.jpg

Drew Walker

Director of Ministry & Programs

Shelby - 9.jpg

Shelby Vaughn

Director of Guest Services &


Tamatha - 3.jpg

Tamatha Walker


Janet - 2.jpg

Janet Raybin

Administrative Assistant


Peggy - 4.jpg

Peggy Jordan

Camp Registrar

Samantha - 3.jpg

Head Housekeeper

Samantha Williams

Toni - 6.jpg


Toni Richardson



Rydrete Jackson

Food Service & Gift Shop

Xanetha - 3.jpg

Xanetha Hamilton

Food Service Director

Betty - 2.jpeg

Betty McCann

Food Service

Cheryl - 1.jpg

Cheryl Bearden

Gift Shop Manager


Zac - 7.jpg

Zac Baker

Director of Maintenance

Jason - 4.jpg

Jason McWright


Robert - 3.jpg

Robert Martz


Richard - 3.jpg


Jason McWright

Image by Olga Thelavart

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors who serve Lakeview give countless hours of their time in stewardship of our mission.

Richard Solomon, Chairperson

Margi Duncan, Vice-Chairperson

Linda Barton, Secretary

Reggie Clemons, Finance Chair/Treasurer

Bishop Cynthia Harvey, Bishop 

Kip Gilts, Bishop’s Designee

Bill Avera, Governance Chair

Charles Anderson, Northwest District-Superintendent

Danny Smith, Building Committee Chair

Jim McPhail, Immediate Past Chairperson

Josh Pulver, President and CEO

Royce Hickman

Bert Bagley

Russell Martin

Kevin Benedict

John McClure

• Sandra Smith

• Susan Brannen

• Mark Young

• Matthew Neff

• Rob Robison

• Charlotte Newton

• Bill Wessels

• Doug Wintermute

Dr. Duane Andrews

Kaitlin Burg

Carly Rice

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