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Group doing team building in an outdoor environment, wearing climbing gear.


The David Barber Challenge Course at Lakeview is an expertly designed and professionally installed course that fosters cohesion within groups. It empowers individuals to confront their fears, relinquish control, push their limits, and harmonize body and mind. For groups, this course highlights the vital importance of teamwork, communication, cooperation, trust, and leadership.

Our programs cater to groups of 8-30 participants, with all ropes course staff being professionally trained. We've successfully worked with a diverse range of groups, including schools, corporations, churches, clubs, families, and athletic teams.

Whether you prefer a half-day, full-day, or two-day challenge, we can tailor the experience to your group's needs, available year-round. You have the flexibility to select the entire course or specific components.

The David Barber Challenge Course owes its existence to the generosity of Bruce and Brenda Barber, who made it possible in memory of their son, David. Discover how this transformative course can impact lives by reaching out to Lakeview today.

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